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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Only you can help prevent an invasion. Only you can #DEFENDNWA

We kind of do our own thing here at DKM.  Our number one focus is to have fun supporting the Columbus Blue Jackets.  We don't do something because it's popular on twitter or because we think it will garner the praise of the team.  Joe, John, and Morgan are so unique in their individual opinions of the team that often times disagreements start.  But there is one thing the three of them can agree on.  It's time to stop letting other team's fans over take Nationwide Arena.  And in that light, we do support the #DEFENDNWA movement.

The pictures shown below are from Morgan's post last July.  Whether he's blogging here or over on Dark Blue Jacket, he always challenges your beliefs about the Columbus Blue Jackets.  This post originally asks some tough questions and raises some good points.  But the most obvious point made in this post was that Nationwide Arena was OVERRUN by hoards of Penguins fans on December 4th, 2010.  The images below are down right embarrassing.  Mouth-breathing Penguins fans occupying a majority of seats in Nationwide Arena. These fans are not high-minded hockey aficionados paying a friendly visit our Arena - They are Steelers fans with an inferiority complex.  No matter the fan base, we are upset that there were this many tickets available for Pens fans to buy.  It's healthy when a team brings a small contingent of fans into Nationwide arena.  But for there to be so many tickets available that e'rybody in Pittsburgh could buy them?  Yuck.  Want to end scenes like that from ever happening again?  Then follow this link.  Do it now.  Help the Blue Jackets, help yourself.

Let these images below serve as some sort of motivation as you help join the cause to #DefendNWA.  The pictures below should be upsetting.  Like an obese Sally Struthers talking about starving children and cups of coffee, or some sad doggy crammed in a crate while Sarah McLaughlin plays in the background.  We are doing what we can to prevent this from ever happening again.  We hope you can too!

December 4th, 2010 - Yinzers invade Nationwide Arena.

The air smelled of pork rinds and Nacho cheese as the
mouth-breathing insued.

12/4/2010 - A day that will live in infamy

What time is it in Pittsburgh?  6 past Fleury.

There is actually some tool wearing a Steelers jersey. 
The shame...

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