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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let your #DefendNWA voice be heard! #CBJ

First, there was the DKM blog and it was good.  Then came Twitter, and it let DKM Hockey interact with other CBJ fans.  Then came the DKM Hockey podcast and it was the shizzle.  To make the Podcast better, we invested billions of dollars into technology that would allow us to take callers.  Now, we have invested more money into letting your voices be heard!  We got something called voicemail!!!!

Hello... Yes, I'd like you to put me through to the DKM boys.
And make it quick.
We want to hear from you!  Call us right now at 614-686-DKM1 or (614-686-3561) and take 15 secounds to tell us how you plan to Defend Nationwide Arena!  If yo call before 9pm Wednesday, September 18th, we will replay the voice messages during our next podcast airing September 20th!  Remember to leave your twitter handle when you tell us how you're going do your best to support the Blue Jackets this season.  We don't care how you do it!  Do what you can - Hang a banner, buy a shirsey, get a tattoo, or buy some tickets.  Just tell us how you're going to do it.

Want to do more than just leave a message?  If you have the techical ability to produce your own audio clips, send them to us!  Take 15 seconds to tell us how you will #DefendNWA.  You can email us the audio file in MP3 or WMA format to us at

We want to hear how you're going to do it!  Leave us a message or send us a file.  We want to hear from you and play your message to the world!!!!

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