DKM Hockey Podcast

Thursday, February 27, 2014

DKM Hockey Podcast: Episode 30

It's Episode XXX and the boys are sober.  Weird how that happens.  In the first segment Joe, John, and Morgan discuss the Rbar experience for the USA vs Soviet Union Russia prelimary Olympic hockey game.  In the second segment, they boys welcome Jeff Rimer back to the show to talk all things Olympic break.  And in the third segment, Joe and John do everything they can to Make Morgan Mad.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

DKM Hockey Podcast: Episode 29

It's an R Bar viewing Party! Joe, John, and Morgan watch the last game before the Olympic break from the R Bar in the arena district. In segment one the boys recap the Jackets last few games. In segment, the boys welcome blogger extrordinaire and AAA Ohio Blue Jackets intern @iamaraindancer to the show for some trivia. During segment three, the boys from THE CBJ ARTILLERY stop by to ramble on. And in the final bonus segment, Dennis Kelley stops by to debut our latest song, "Equipment Man."

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Friday, February 7, 2014

CBJ vs San Jose Sharks drinking game



The San Jose Sharks vs Columbus Blue Jackets drinking game

Monday, February 3, 2014

Late Night with DKM Hockey and The Artillery

It seems like only yesterday when CBJ fans were subjected to a cruel amount of 10pm start times as the Blue Jackets faced conference opponents on long West Coast road trips.  Now that the Blue Jackets are battling the best of the Eastern Conference, those late start times are few and far between.  To help celebrate their scarcity, we are teaming up with THE CBJ Artillery and crashing a viewing party at the R Bar on February 7th to cheer on the Blue Jackets' 10pm start against the San Jose Sharks.  It will also be the last CBJ game for a couple weeks while the entire NHL shuts down so a small percentage of the league can participate in the Olympics. 

That's right everybody, the Best CBJ Podcast in the world is teaming up with the Best CBJ Fan account on twitter to watch a hockey game at the Rbar.  The DKM crew will be podcasting during the intermissions.  We invite the fans of the show to stop by, pick up a mic, and say hi.  We're pretty sure Matt of the CBJ artillery will have his CBJ banner waving high.

The Rbar seemed like the perfect place to have a viewing party.  We love our pints, the Artillery boys love their pints, but we also want everyone to get home safely.  So, we have a  special podcast segment planned for those folks who sign up to be designated drivers.  We encourage those folks who are designated drivers to stop by the DKM table and sign up for a contest.  Of those who sign up to be DDs, we will select three people at random to answer 3 trivia questions on the podcast for a chance to win CBJ give-a-ways.  Hats, T-shirts, and maybe even some bar napkins.

Also, for those people who plan on enjoying themselves thoroughly, we will have a game specific DKM Hockey drinking game featuring some new twists just for the CBJ v SJS game Friday night.  The rules will be posted here on the blog Wednesday night.  We recommend sticking to beer whilst playing our drinking games, lest Rbar staff have to clean up regurgitated Jagerbombs from the bathroom floors.

We hope to see you all out their Friday night to cheer on the Jackets and hang out with us, the CBJ Artillery, and the good folks at the Rbar.  Let's help send the CBJ off into the Olympic break with a victory and use the two week break to nurse the hangover you're sure to have the next morning.

See you there.

PS - no offense to any of the other fan accounts on twitter.  You're all awesome and we want to see you all Friday night.  Come on out and support the team!!!!!