DKM Hockey Podcast

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We want you, CBJ inspired graphic artists!

Our Podcast is awesome.  Our podcast is awesome because the three of us focus our passion, energy, and our individualism into the show.  But our artistic abilities suck.  Joe struggles with stick figures, Morgan is colorblind, and John's marketing prowess reeks of "Edsel."  We are masters of highly technical professional talents, but we don't know what the hell is going on in programs like Photoshop or Gimp.  So we turn to you, oh listeners of the podcast - to help us shape our image with your high quality logos and background images and other stuff that looks cool.  Right now the blog looks about as exciting as the inside of a two car garage.  So we turn to you, our fans, who may be or may know of someone, looking to donate their exceptional graphic design artwork for use on our blog.  Columbus is full of many wonderfully creative artists - just none of us on this blog/podcast happen to fit that description.  Help us share our love of all things CBJ, Ice Hockey, and Beer! 

We are looking for three pieces of graphic art.

1. A banner to display across the top of the webpage

2. Some sort of background image/skin/Wallpaper

3. An alternate logo for the DKM brand - consider it like a third jersey logo.

If you are interested in designing artwork for our website, please contact us at You can submit one piece of artwork, or submissions for all three.  No qualifications are needed.  All selections will receive full credit on the blog.  We will be glad to pimp links to your demo reels or previous work, and John will likely gush about you the podcast - that's what he does.  The artwork you donate will be featured on this site, iTunes, and the other nationally known blogs we cross promote with and/or make fun of.  Please feel free to contact is with any questions and as Jim Carr says - please keep you submissions within the bounds of good taste!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

CBJ Signing of Nathan Horton, Dr. Seuss Style

So by now you've heard that the Columbus Blue Jackets have signed Nathan Horton to a 7 year deal worth 37.1 Million.  How did this all transpire? Perhaps I can help tell the story as Dr. Seuss would similar to his popular 1954 book titled "Horton Hears a Who".

Usually DKM reserves "WHO" for Blake Comeau

Horton, Cols he flew

Horton visits our zoo

Horton tears seeing The Shoe

Horton clears physical, whew

Horton Cup Finals = two

Horton fears only few

Horton, peers love too

Horton, here's a slew

Horton years multiple, woohoo

Horton cheers Union Blue