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Saturday, July 6, 2013

CBJ Signing of Nathan Horton, Dr. Seuss Style

So by now you've heard that the Columbus Blue Jackets have signed Nathan Horton to a 7 year deal worth 37.1 Million.  How did this all transpire? Perhaps I can help tell the story as Dr. Seuss would similar to his popular 1954 book titled "Horton Hears a Who".

Usually DKM reserves "WHO" for Blake Comeau

Horton, Cols he flew

Horton visits our zoo

Horton tears seeing The Shoe

Horton clears physical, whew

Horton Cup Finals = two

Horton fears only few

Horton, peers love too

Horton, here's a slew

Horton years multiple, woohoo

Horton cheers Union Blue

Horton steers our crew

Horton commandeers CBJ through

Horton needs surgery, Boo

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