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Saturday, April 27, 2013

DKM Hockey Podcast: The Never Ending Segment

What was slated as a 10 minute closing segment to the Playoff Push Episode turns into a 45 minute bathroom humor giggle fest.  Joe and Morgan along with Gallos welcome Dancing Kevin Schroeder back onto the show.  But that's not all, Frank Adams known throughout the world as @TheAngryJacket crashes the Podcast and gives great perspective on #Lumbus, the Playoffs, and Buck toothed Alley Cats.  Kevin fantasizes about tackling Boomer and shares a great Claude Lemieux story!

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DKM Hockey Podcast: Playoff Push Episode

Live from the #CBJBWW veiwing party on April 25th in Powell, OH.  Joe, John, and Morgan welcome two special guests to the Podcast - Full Mental Jacket's Brett Ireland aka @RockmanHalo and Dark Blue Jacket stalward blogger Mike Galloway aka @gallosdbj.  The crew explores the possibility of a Blue Jacket casted Star Wars trilogy.  RockmanHalo gives us three ideas for Columbus Blue Jackets themed video games: Super Foligno Bros.; Chaos Controll; and Jarmo Bobble.  Gallos and the boys then discuss what this playoff push as meant to them and what might still be ahead.  BRING THE THUNDER!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Podcast Preview: Three Keys vs. Dallas

Games don't get much bigger than the one the Blue Jackets will play tonight in Dallas, as the team tries to stay alive in the hunt for a playoff berth. The Jackets, currently in ninth place in the West, need to win and get help in the form of Detroit and/or Minnesota losses in order to play in the post-season.

As a preview to the DKM Hockey podcast recording tonight from the CBJ Buffalo Wild Wings watch party in Powell, the guys offer these three keys to tonight's game. Come out and join us at 8:30pm in Powell for wings, beer and Blue Jacket hockey!

Key 1: Morgan
Thursday's game against the Stars is the biggest game of the season to the Jacekts for painfully obvious reasons. In games like this, you star players have to be star players. Marian Gaborik has to be putting the puck on net.  Dubinsky has to be using his body and speed to generate turnovers. Wisniewski has to be effective on the powerplay. And Vinny, Vinny has to keep the players focused during the game. Star players have to be stars in Big Games and this is a pretty big one.

Key 2: Joe
I agree that the Blue Jackets need to rely on their best player tonight: Sergei Bobrovsky. "Bob" has been stellar in goal this season, and is in my opinion the primary reason the Jackets are even in the playoff hunt. He hasn't been stellar over the past few games of the road trip, however; and his teammates have worked hard to bail him out with "yuge" goals in "yuge" moments. Bobrovsky needs to anchor the team's defense in the NHL's top star form he has shown to give the team its best chance for a victory.

Key 3: John

I won't be able to break down the Stars' system and how the CBJ can exploit it. My key to the game is for the CBJ to just show up and play like they have been. Many of the players and this franchise have not been in this big of a game before. Don't over think things. Stick to the hard-nosed, 'against the world' team attitude that has helped win 6 out of the last 7 (stupid Kings). Oh, and score goals to help Bob out.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

DKM Hockey Podcast: Episode 13

Joe, John, and Morgan return for lucky Episode 13 and welcome back Tom Felrath of DBJ fame.  The crew introduce a few chapters to the new CBJ childrens book, "B is for Boomer."  John and Tom have their 'Dead Pool' tie breaker in the form of Blue Jackets Jeopardy.  The boys write a tribute song to RJ Umberger and close the show with a super long "Being John Kempovich" segment.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oregon Trail (#CBJ Style) Voyage Summary

Less than one month ago, your friends at DKM Hockey held a draft on the Episode 10 podcast to determine which Blue Jacket players would get to join us on our journey to the great West via the Oregon Trail.  The year was 1843, our Blue Jacket families were set, and we were off to the Promised Land. Equipped with  a wagon, a pair of oxen and around 50 coins we started the journey. What could possibly go wrong?

The Reader Family (Matty Calvert looks so cute)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

DKM Hockey Podcast: Episode 12 #CBJBWW Edition

Joe, John, and Morgan set up camp at Buffalo Wild Wings in Gahanna, OH for a #CBJBWW viewing party.  What a great week for CBJ fans.  Greg May of Full Mental Jackets sits down to discuss what might be the greatest week for an GM in franchise history.  Morgan and Joe interview the first ever DKM contest winner, Lyndsay Wilson.  Nationwide Arena Host Mike Todd stops by for a great guest interview and the DKM Crew finally reaches the end of the Oregon Trail.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is Johnson Doing

With up to the minute coverage of the yawn-fest trade deadline, the DKM crew has a pool to see what Jack Johnson is really doing as he left the ice during practice:

Morgan - relax folks, he has a bad edge.

Joe - He had to take a poop.

John - He was traded to Pittsburgh for Evgeni Malkin

See what happens...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mark Letestu Shown the Money

On the CBJ Oregon Trail, you know him as the eldest son of Morgan Langworthy. On being John Kempovich, you know him by the term “steal.” In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you know him as Mr. Frodo Baggins. (Okay, that last one was a stretch…)

However you slice, it Mark Letestu has been a tremendous asset for the Columbus Blue Jackets; not to mention a favorite of the DKM Hockey team. It was announced today that Letestu’s contributions to the franchise have been rewarded with a new contract, worth a reported $1.25 million annually over the next two seasons.

Mark Letestu seems very happy with his new contract.
(Image source:

Consider Mark Letestu’s 2012-13 season stats (with corresponding rank on the team)…

Games Played: 34 (T-5th)
Points: 21 (2nd)
Goals: 9 (T-2nd)
Assists: 11 (T-2nd)
Plus/Minus: +6 (2nd)
Short-Handed Goals: 2 (1st)
Game-Winning Goals: 2 (T-2nd)


…while also considering he ranked last among the team’s regulars for base salary this season. His $600K salary this season had him in the same ballpark with the likes of Colton Gilles, Nick Drazenovic and Dalton “Get to the Choppa” Prout. (Source: I’d say it was about high time to reward him with a new deal more aligned to his value to the organization, and offer a tip of the hat to President of Hockey Operations John Davidson and General Manager Jarmo Kekalainen for doing just that.

Congratulations to Mark Letestu on the contract extension and pay raise. We’re happy to be keeping your talents in Columbus.