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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Podcast Preview: Three Keys vs. Dallas

Games don't get much bigger than the one the Blue Jackets will play tonight in Dallas, as the team tries to stay alive in the hunt for a playoff berth. The Jackets, currently in ninth place in the West, need to win and get help in the form of Detroit and/or Minnesota losses in order to play in the post-season.

As a preview to the DKM Hockey podcast recording tonight from the CBJ Buffalo Wild Wings watch party in Powell, the guys offer these three keys to tonight's game. Come out and join us at 8:30pm in Powell for wings, beer and Blue Jacket hockey!

Key 1: Morgan
Thursday's game against the Stars is the biggest game of the season to the Jacekts for painfully obvious reasons. In games like this, you star players have to be star players. Marian Gaborik has to be putting the puck on net.  Dubinsky has to be using his body and speed to generate turnovers. Wisniewski has to be effective on the powerplay. And Vinny, Vinny has to keep the players focused during the game. Star players have to be stars in Big Games and this is a pretty big one.

Key 2: Joe
I agree that the Blue Jackets need to rely on their best player tonight: Sergei Bobrovsky. "Bob" has been stellar in goal this season, and is in my opinion the primary reason the Jackets are even in the playoff hunt. He hasn't been stellar over the past few games of the road trip, however; and his teammates have worked hard to bail him out with "yuge" goals in "yuge" moments. Bobrovsky needs to anchor the team's defense in the NHL's top star form he has shown to give the team its best chance for a victory.

Key 3: John

I won't be able to break down the Stars' system and how the CBJ can exploit it. My key to the game is for the CBJ to just show up and play like they have been. Many of the players and this franchise have not been in this big of a game before. Don't over think things. Stick to the hard-nosed, 'against the world' team attitude that has helped win 6 out of the last 7 (stupid Kings). Oh, and score goals to help Bob out.

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