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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oregon Trail (#CBJ Style) Voyage Summary

Less than one month ago, your friends at DKM Hockey held a draft on the Episode 10 podcast to determine which Blue Jacket players would get to join us on our journey to the great West via the Oregon Trail.  The year was 1843, our Blue Jacket families were set, and we were off to the Promised Land. Equipped with  a wagon, a pair of oxen and around 50 coins we started the journey. What could possibly go wrong?

The Reader Family (Matty Calvert looks so cute)

Things started out pretty well. We were moving at a good pace, and making sure to rest as the family grew tired.  It's a long way to Oregon though, and things are bound to happen. It started with a few injuries.
We never did see Dorsett get a broken Collarbone

Perhaps it's the treacherous conditions, or maybe the fact that we mainly fed our families only candy since it was the cheapest item at the store, but everyone started getting ill.
Typhoid?  No problem. Take a nap, that will clear right up

Spending so much time on the trail can drive you and your family a little crazy. I mean once the iPhone and the kid's PSP batteries ran out, what was there to do?  It was 1843 and entertainment was pretty limited.
Vinny needs a bath and Dorse thinks he's a banana

Watch out for Bandits!  Still not sure who was able to help untie them.

Look at that bum on top of the wagon still drunk on moonshine and passed out.  Little help here?!

Broken arms, Typhod, Dysentery and Bandits wasn't quite enough yet for this glorious trail.  The wagon caught on fire multiple times, a tornado swept through, a bear ate all of our supplies, Calvert was bitten by a snake, Letestu was TAKEN BY A HAWK! (Fortunately he was found in a tree a few days later).  After all of that, John Moore was attacked by a bear while Cam and I just stood there helpless and watched him get destroyed.  He survived the bear attack, but it wasn't pretty.

Where's Umby and Boone Jenner?  These pictures aren't in chronological order are they

If getting attacked by a bear wasn't enough, at one point during the journey we LOST him!
We found out later that he was in New York with Dorsett and some guy named Brassard

The trail is a very dangerous one as you can see.  If you are sharing this great journey with your kids, this is the part where you may want to go read "Z is for Zamboni" and tuck them into bed.  Needless to say, not all members were able to make it to Oregon.

That's nice that Calvert was sad when Fedor died, but my attitude could have been better when Umby passed

In conclusion, we finally made it to Oregon.

Joe's journey didn't quite go as expected though. His wife Fedor, and kids Matty and Jared all died prior to his arrival.Timmy Erixon didn't die, which was great, but he was taken by a hawk and Joe didn't have enough money to pay a Native American fellow to get him back. Hang in there Timmy, hopefully you can find your way and meet back up with Joe...
"it's raining" - Joe

I had a rough start to the trip losing Boone and Umby before the half way point.  I mean how does a kid with the name Boone become the first to die?  He should have been leading the way.  But alas, I arrived to Oregon with Cam and John Moore still very much alive and ready to enjoy the new land...
"I wonder if I could build an ice hockey rink out here" - John

Using a smart method of slow travel, resting often, buying supplies and perhaps overall gaming experience, Morgan arrived in Oregon safe and sound with the whole family in tact.There were some scary moments, especially when Letestu was taken by a hawk, but in the end it all worked out, and they lived happily ever after...
"I'm just happy I'm here so I don't have to listen to Vinny nag the WHOLE WAY" - Morgan

Our fantastic journey ended in Oregon, and our beloved Blue Jackets all lived together in great harmony.  The next year, they moved to the Eastern Conference and had to travel 3,034 miles to Tampa Bay, FL for a game.


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