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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oregon Trail, #CBJ Style

Get ready, Blue Jacket and DKM Hockey fans, for a wondrous adventure across the wild west! Join Morgan, John, and Joe as they pack their wagons with their CBJ families and adventure to the mecca of the northwest: Oregon. (That's right, Seattle, I said, "Oregon." Deal with it.) Just when you thought it wasn't fifth grade any more, we have decided to dust off the old Oregon Trail game to battle hunger and fatigue and a host of ailments to travel the wilderness for your amusement. We'll be talking and writing more about the journeys later, but for now we wanted to introduce our families.

The Morgan Langworthy Family:
Vinny Prospal (Wife)
Mark Letestu - eldest son
Derek Dorsett - middle child
Jack Johnson - little brother,
big chin.

The Joe Reader Family:
Fedor Tyutin (Wife)
Matt Calvert
Jared Boll
Tim Erixon

The John Kemp Family:
RJ Umberger (Wife)
Cam Atkinson
John Moore
Boone Jenner

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