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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 2012-2013 CBJ Drinking Game

There are many other CBJ drinking games out on the internet.  Most are very clever and well written.  But, we at DKM Hockey haven’t been able to find one specific to this year’s CBJ squad.  Without further adieu, we present the 2012-2013 CBJ Drinking game.  This list will be updated as the season progresses.
Special thanks to @RockManHalo for the fine picture
that we reference in Episode 7

In game action

-          Every time a CBJ defensemen takes a shot from the point and misses the net (deflections do not count as missing the net)

-          When the Blue Jackets get zero shots on the Power Play

-          The Jackets record 8 shots or less in a period

-          Jared Boll sees Power Play time

-          Mark Letestu is on the point during a power play

-          Every time Jack Johnson hits a teammate with a shot from the point in a non-deflectionary manner

-          A defenseman is used as a top five shooter during a shootout

-          Anisimov passes to Dorsett  rather than shooting the puck

-          Anytime a player under 5’10” tall or shorter scores a goal

Broadcast Add-ons

-          Every time Bill Davidge uses a hockey cliché during color analysis

-          Every time Natalie Taylor asks a player a dumb questions in an interview

-          Everytime an announcer uses player’s injuries as an excuse for losing

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