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Monday, March 11, 2013

Episode 10 Music Choice - Listener Poll

Ok, so we got to thinking the other day, how can we better engage the fan base?  LET THEM PICK THE MUSIC FOR AN EPISODE!  We have a listener poll set up here on the blog.  You don't have long to choose, polling will close at 8pm on Wednesday.  Look to the right of this post for the music poll.  Pick out one the four possible musical themes for this week's show that you would most want to hear on the show.  The nominees are:

80's music - I'm not talking chinsey "Hey Mickey" crap.  I'm talking about great, "I was there" 80's music.  Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, etc...

James Bond Themes - the most disappointing thing about this year's Academy Awards was the lack luster tribute to Jame Bond films (save Shirley Bassey's fantastic performance of  Goldfinger).  We will pick memorable movie scores and Bond Songs for this episode.

Enya - John Kemp loves Enya.

Cover tunes - I'm talking good, reputable covers of bands covering other bands.  Think of the music we typically play on the show and it will be those kinds of covers.  Chrissy Hynde covering Bruce Springsteen; Ziggy Marley covering Roxy Music, etc

There you have it, don't be bashful.  Pick what you want to hear us play during Episode 10 of the DKM Hockey Podcast.  Don't worry, we'll offer more choices in the future.  Even if you aren't in love with any of the selections, pick one.

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