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Friday, February 7, 2014

CBJ vs San Jose Sharks drinking game



The San Jose Sharks vs Columbus Blue Jackets drinking game

CBJ Oldies but goldies!  Take a drink:

-          Every time a CBJ defensemen takes a shot and misses the net completely (deflections wide do not count).

-          Every time RJ Umberger blows up a rush or a scoring chance.

o   Chug a beer if he, at any point after that, scores on the Power play

-          Any time Brandon Dubinsky is staring in one direction for longer than three seconds.

-          Any time the FSO telecast shows a random close up instead of the action on the ice

-          Take a drink anytime a reporter/interviewer asks a player/coach the phrase “can you talk about…”

o   Shotgun three beers if the interviewee responds with only “Yes I can.”

-          Any time the Jody Shelley trade to San Jose is mentioned

-          Any time it’s mentioned a former Jacket has played for San Jose.

-          Any time Matt Calvert falls, crashes into another player, or runs a goalie.

-          Any time someone makes a not clever ‘Horton’ Dr Seuss reference on twitter.

-          Any time Wisniewski is shown chomping on his mouth piece like a chew toy.

San Jose Shark Rules! Take a drink:

-          Any time Joe Pavelski bears his clenched teeth

-          Every time Joe Thornton is called “Jumbo Joe”

-          Drink twice if Rims calls him Shawn.

-          If the Jeopardy category “The San Jose Sharks and Playoff Success” has more than one question.

-          Each time Augmented cleavage is sighted behind either player bench or penalty box

-          Whe A sharks fan is using their (presumably) smart phone instead of watching the game

And here are a few that we have asked The Royal Half crew to provide:

-          Drink every time the San Jose crowd starts the ‘Shark Chomp’ on a power play

-          Drink whenever “LoganFace” is shown #LoganFace  - coincidentally enough, “Logan Face” is a shark’s player breathing regularly through their mouth displaying buck teeth, a la Penguin’s fans. 

-          Drink Every time it’s referenced that the Sharks haven’t made it past the Western Conference finals

-          And then they made some intellectually lazy chirp about the Sharks and CBJ having the same number of Stanley Cup Wins.


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