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Friday, September 27, 2013

The DKM Contest Contest

We're bored and want to hold a contest.  We were really hoping to have some CBJ stuff to give away for the whole #DefendNWA campaign, but that hasn't worked out, yet. *coughing noise*  We don't like to giveaway stuff we don't have.  It's illegal.  So instead, we have a not-cheap-looking DKM Hockey T-shirt that we'd like  give away.  Ok, it's the standard issued crooked logo DKM T-shirt.  We bet you're interested now.  Nothing motivates people like a free T-shirt.  People risk $50,000 knee operations just to grab a $3 T-shirt shot out of a Cannon.  Stay safe people.  We'll mail one to your home - just don't blow out an Achilles on the way to the mailbox.

So, what contest do you have to win in order to win this T-shirt?  Easy - come up with a cool Contest for us to hold.  We are indeed #TeamLazy.  We need help coming up with ideas for contests.  It seems like people always get their feelings hurt when blogs give away free stuff.  So, we turn to you, the fans to come up with a contest for us to employ when we do have some Blue Jacket SWAG to give away. *coughing noise*  I mean, if the fans come up with the contest, fans can't complain about it.  Brilliant!  So come up with a contest we can hold on the blog, podcast, or one of the viewing parties we're sure to be at.  Email us here at  Give us specifics about your contest idea: what the contest is, how to enter, and how YOU would determine the winner.

There are some rules: 

1. Don't spam us with stupid contests.  Seriously.  Please keep your ideas within the bounds of good taste.  We're silly and rebellious, not dumb and obnoxious.

2. Members of the Black and Tan Hockey Club or DKM Hockey affiliates and their families are ineligible for this contest - we can't have people thinking this contest or podcast is a vehicle for our hockey buddies and co-workers.  That, and none of our families listen - except John's brother Chad and Morgan's Dad.  This rule applies to the Contest Contest and the Contest that wins the Contest Contest. (That last sentence will likely be in John Kemp's top 5 sentences ever read or written). Sorry DBJ boys, that means you too...

3. The contest has to be within our technical ability: We do a blog, a podcast, Vine, twitter, and stick figures.  Please keep those limitations in mind when think of us here at #TeamLazy.  We don't do instagram - we're the wrong gender and like 20 years past the target demographic for instragram.

All Contest Contest submissions must be submitted by 11:59pm on October 4th, 2013.  Winning Contest of the Contest Contest will be announced on October 7th (ish) right here on the blog.  The winner will get themselves a svelte DKM Hockey T-shirt, the Contest will be named after them,  they will be welcome to co-host a segment of the DKM Hockey Podcast, AND future SWAG considerations when we have some CBJ goodies to give away *COUGHING NOISE*

Act now.  Supplies are limited.

Have fun!  #DKMContestContest

This could be you...

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