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Monday, September 9, 2013

We're ready to start cranking out the podcasts.

While we're not quite ready for a daily broadcast schedule, we are going to offer you a more consistent broadcast schedule. The podcast has gotten itself quite the listenership on iTunes (seriously) and the twitter account is only 999,642 followers away from our goal of 1,000,000.  Given those spectacular numbers, we bringing the DKM Hockey Podcast back for another full season of debauchery.  But wait, there's more.

More DKM Podcasts!

Outside of #CBJ viewing parties and other Blue Jackets social events, we will be bringing you a new podcast every other Friday morning during the entire regular season starting September 20th!  We'll be talking all things Blue Jackets as well has expanding our guest list.  We will find new ways to engage other Blue Jackets fans out there.  We'll help guide you through our first year in the Eastern Conference and teach you how to cope with some of sport's most belligerent fan bases.

   We will continue to complete chapters in our Blue Jackets themed Children's book, "B is for Boomer."  "Being John Kempovich" will continue to allow you access into thoughts of the Blue Jacket's most loyal fans.  We will continue to bring you goofy bits, silly gags, and other fun ways to share our love of the Blue Jackets.  We want to continue to provide you with passion and insight to the team in a way you won't find any place else.  Reporting is for journalists, access is for glory hounds, we just want to spread the CBJ love and hope you and the team will join us along the way.

So find us on iTunes, follow the Podcast RSS feed, and as always check back here for podcast episodes and more. Oh, and don't forget to put your smart phones down and check out the web version of the blog. 

And as with every podcast, Hilarity will ensue.

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