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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

G is for George Matthews

Today we issue a new chapter in our "B is for Boomer" children's book. The book is a definitive history of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  It is not easy to become part of Blue Jackets history. On the Podcast we have discussed K is for Kevin (Schroeder) C is for Clockgate, and D is for Distinct Kicking Motion (disallowed goals). But today, as mentioned in an earlier podcast, we bring you G is for George, as in George Matthews.

George "MF" Matthews

At first there was much debate on the DKM Podcast over who should have the honor of filling the G spot in our CBJ themed children's story.  John wanted it to be "Game 4" where the Blue Jackets actually didn't suck for 30 minutes in the Playoffs.  Morgan suggested "G is for the Goal" which signifies the only Blue Jackets highlight that doesn't have the Benny Hill Show theme playing in the background.  But suddenly, in the middle of this debate, news broke that George Matthews would step down from his role as full time radio play-by-play announcer of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  This hit the DKM boys like a ton of bricks.  It was then they began to reminisce about the one very distinct part of the Columbus Blue Jackets history.  One that all three had woefully taken for granted.

George brought a level of excitement to a Blue Jackets game that was often hard to find on the ice.  He was uniquely Columbus's voice.  When you found his dulcet tones on the FM radio during those long, cold nights in January, you knew exactly that your wandering hands had found the Blue Jackets.  With signature calls like "Count the Cash, Rick Nash"  or "Holy Moly, what a Goalie" it was hard to be repulsed by the professional charm of George Matthews.  The TV crew has changed over the years, some parking their RX-7 in the garage way too long, some sounding like a Ricart used car commercial.  But the unforgettable voice of George Matthews calling a game on the radio home of the CBJ is something that will always belong to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

We tip our caps and tap our sticks for you, George Matthews, as you are forever a definitive part of Columbus Blue Jackets history.

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