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Friday, September 20, 2013

The #CBJ Twitter Drinking Game

Fresh from our Episode 19 release is the #CBJ Twitter Drinking game.  Now, you can sit at home with friends or sit at the bar and get your drink on by simply reading your #CBJ twitter feed.  The rules are simple and sure to get you hammered.  So crack open a case of beer and get ready to call off work tomorrow...

Some stuff to give away would be cool...

1.       Anytime someone asks Aaron Portzline a question he can’t possibly answer (is Ryan Johanson playing with a new curve?)

2.       Someone tweets #Rule614

3.       Anytime two or more people work out the logistics of meeting each other at a #CBJ function via their twitter feed instead of DM, Texts, or just picking up the damn phone(excludes gathering at the Cannon thing during intermissions)

4.       Whenever a CBJ Ice girl or promo team member tweets about boys.

5.       Whenever anyone is legitimately offended by #Lumbus or #CLB

6.       Drink whenever a CBJ countdown is tweeted. Drink twice if the countdown includes a graphic.

7.       When there is in-fighting between the CBJ twitter folk, drink. (Bonus drink for cat-fights.)

8.       For any Boomer the Cannon reference, drink.

9.       Drink anytime someone successfully lands a killer Scott Howson and/or Scott Arniel joke.

10.   Drink anytime someone tweets an ambiguous tweet about the game but DOESN'T give any specifics (ie, “That really sucked #CBJ”)

11.   Getting your CBJ tweet favorited by @TheCBJArtillery

12.   Guessing at line combinations for the next CBJ game, or listing what they should be

13.   Any Blue Jacket related tweet that doesn't know to use #CBJ and tries some other variation. ie, #BlueJackets #CLB, #ColsJackets

14.   any tweet posting a picture of Captain Caveman to represent the announcer at NWA for a power play (i like it when we can make us drink)

15.   any tweet using cute player nicknames such as "RyJo", "Gabby" and "Tyuts", etc
#CBJ Twitter Drinking game, it'll get you drunk!

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