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Friday, August 30, 2013

K is for Kevin

Today we issue a new chapter in our "B is for Boomer" children's book.  The book is a definitive history of the Columbus Blue Jackets and its not easy to become part of Blue Jackets history.  On the Podcast we have discussed G is for George (Matthews), C is for Clockgate, and D is for Distinct Kicking Motion (disallowed goals).  But today, as mentioned in an earlier podcast, we bring you K is for Kevin.

Kevin first appeared on the "Jumbotron" by happenstance in 2004.  The Jackets saw fit to make him a part of the Nationwide experience since that faithful line was spoken "Fat guy dancing will get you on the Jumbotron."  And if you've been lucky enough to see him perform during a Blue Jackets game, you understand why.  Not only is Kevin an endearing routine to get the fans excited inside Nationwide Arena, he's also a pretty good dude.  You can find him in the Arena District after a game celebrating a win or lamenting a loss.  He's also been a regular guest on the DKM Podcast, largely because we bump into him at the many of the CBJ fan events in the community.  So we present to you, K is for Kevin - the one man we can't wait to see undress!  A definitive part of Columbus Blue Jackets history!

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