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Friday, August 16, 2013

CannonFest 4: Now with more "Fest"

Three cheers for CannonFest 4! Cam Cam, Murray!  Cam Cam, Murray! Cam Cam, Murray!

Just like how each of the Toy Story movies are better than the last, so goes each
of the CannonFest events over the years (warning, don't use this movie analogy on Short
Circuit OR Crocodile Dundee).  For me, August is a special time each year. To start
with, it is my birth month which already makes it pretty cool (right fellow August
Leos?  July Leos are sort of cool, but only because they are like the younger brother
to the August Leos). August is also home to the Summer Session CAHL playoffs, and
fantasy football. There is another kind of fantasy brewing in Columbus in August, and
it has to do with the Blue Jackets...(hint, it rhymes with CannonFest)

who's excited for CannonFest?  #ThisGuy

We at DKM Hockey are very excited for this year's event, especially because we will be
podcasting live!  Yes, I realize that even Stephen Hawking wouldn't be able to devise a
way to not podcast "live", but you get the idea.  We will be recording during the
event, and we have a great line up of guests to make it one of our best episiodes to

There are so many wonderful things about CannonFest, perhaps this is a good time and
the appropriate place to share my top 3...

1) We hide behind our '@' symbols, and have 31 tweet conversations 140 characters at a
time, but when else do we get a chance to go over and shake the hand of our electric
friends?  I know many have become real human friends, but I'm willing to bet that's
large in part to CannonFest (and maybe meeting behind the cannon during the 1st
intermission at home CBJ games). There exists a large group of passionate Blue Jacket
fans, and CannonFest is a perfect way to have everyone gather in the same room and say
"You're a Huge Blue Jacket fan?!!  So, am I!!".

2) It's FUN.  You can win prizes, you can feel awesome donating to charities, you can
join great CBJ fan clubs, you can meet CBJ beat writters, and ice girls, and FSOH
girls, and Stinger. You can watch really cool Blue Jacket videos created by the
masterful @Skraut_. You may even get to go on the DKM Hockey podcast for a little while
and get a prize for that as well. There's so much for a Blue Jacket fan to do, you will
be sure to have a great time.

3) "To the most beautiful moment in life. Better than a deed, better than a memory, the moment of Anticipation!".
This is it.  This is a large reason for why we go to CannonFest.  We are filled with anticipation for the upcoming season.  Our optimistic Blue Jacket minds are already filled with all of the greatness this season will be.  Nothing can take it away sans the reality in which the season holds.  For now, we own that belief.  And others own that belief.  And then we all get in the same room and yell "LET"S GO JACKETS"!".  Many high fives commence, and we go home feeling like we just won the Stanley Cup.  What's not to like about that?!!

See you all at CannonFest.  I can't wait.  Please stop by the DKM table and say 'hi'.  We love talking to passionate Blue Jacket fans!

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