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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DKMHockey Podcast - Power Hour Episode

Officially titled The Power Hour Episode, Joe, John, and Morgan drink a shot of beer a minute for 60 minutes, then press "record" on the podcast machine for our 17th session.  The sound quality isn't as sharp for this episode as we used a new digital recording device.  Anyhoo, in segment one we welcome friend of the show and local high school hockey coach Pat Murphy to chat for 20 minutes.  Murph shares his experiences playing professionally in Europe and North America as well as offering insight into a successful high school hockey program.  In segment two, we have consumed exponentially more alcoholic beverages and ponder what Columbus Blue Jacket themed "Garbage Pail Kids" might be like.  And in the third segment, which absolutely no one remembers recording, is a spontaneous episode of Being John Kempovich.  We are all introduced to a new word in this segment.  Seriously, none of us remember this segment.

Check out this episode!

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