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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where'd who go....?

So, is Craig Patrick going to help guide the Blue Jackets to the promised land?  I dunno.  Special advisors aren't all that uncommon.  Look at what all they've done for Toronto.  So, a conversation I had last week got me thinking, is it really the front office that's keeping the Blue Jackets down?  I am typically critical of senior management yes, but research has led me to believe the whole front office must go.

I'm sorry Mr SeasonTicketHolder, but the team is not serious about front office changes, but they want you to know they are serious about getting serious.  Now, how about an all-star game ticket?

Can you imagine if the Hockey Operations Department was held to the same level of expectation as the ticket sales telemarketers?  The ticket sales guys get canned if there productivity doesn't increase.  I can't think of a tougher job in Columbus than what the ticket sales folks have to do.  Can you imagine if the ticket sales drafted guys and developed them like this:

2006 Draft - 10 players drafted.  4 players having played a combined 768 NHL games.  3 players playing in over 200 games.  One of those is Mason....  Otherwise a respectible draft year.

I've ordered new pads every three weeks for 5 years, but I'll blame the equipment staff anyways.

2007 Draft - 7 players drafted.  3 players having played a combined 351 NHL games.  Jacob Vorcek has played 319 of those. 

He's had a pretty good year in Philadelphia

2008 Draft - 9 players drafted. 6 players having played a combined 144 NHL games.  Matt Calvert is your NHL games played leader in this class with 65.  Filatov was here.

Scott Farkus was drafted 127th overall in 2008 by the Columbus Blue Jackets

2009 Draft - 6 players drafted. Two players having played 101 NHL games.  John Moore.  Meh.

I'd like to think that your first pick in the draft, assuming they are picked top 10, should be a regular contributor in the NHL within two years.  That is a reasonable expectation considering the age of draftees and having to play with men at a young age.  You've waisted a top 10 draft pick if you've drafted a freshman who's planning on playing four years in college.  Those are good 5th rounders.  Let's see how Scott Howson has done with his first picks:

2008 - Nikita Filatov HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

2009 - John Moore 67 games played in 2011-2012 for 7 points.  He was an overager when he was drafted, so to me that negates his 21st overall position.  Defencemen take time to develop is really secret code for "they're really a crap shoot in the draft."  Does he play 67 games for St Louis or Dallas?

2010 - Ryan Johansen - NHL size, but he should have spent 2011-2012 with his Junior team.  21 points is respectable for kid who's not ready for the NHL, he was about a point for every game scratched.  But hey, he had better stats in Jrs than Nash, so why not scratch him a bunch.  The front office proves it can't develop talent with Johansen.  I expect him to be a regular next season, if not fire everyone in hockey ops.

2011 - Oh yeah.  Jeff Carter. Thanks.  Who did Philly use with that pick.  Oh that's right, Sean Couturier.

Then, by comparison, lets look at a random second NHL team, Detroit.  They've only had 4 first round picks since 2001 and have not drafted higher than 19th overall since 1991.  Let that soak in.  Let it simmer.  Smell the surprise.  They haven't picked higher than 19th in 21 years and they've won four cups in that time.  Please, don't start the free agent crap.  They develop guys the correct way.  Their scouting network is top notch.  Check out this list of sub first rounders they've make work:

Johan Franzen - 3rd round pick
Kyle Quincey - 4th round pick
Henrik Zetterberg - 7th round pick
Jimmy Howard - 2nd round pick
Darren Helm - 5th round pick
Jiri Hudler - 2nd round pick
Valterri Filppula - 3rd round pick

Pretty impressive list except for Kyle Quincey.  He follows the carrer path of most CBJ first rounders.  But he's been in the league for a couple years and is back with the wings.  Maybe it will work out for him.

Who have the Jackets developed into good everyday players that wasn't a first round picks the last decade?  Dorsett.  Am I missing anybody else? Nope.  That's my point.  The Columbus Blue Jackets drafts and subsequent development have been absolute shit shows for the past decade.  There is no excuse for it.  Combine that with the mockery the Blue Jackets have made with free agents and trades, and you have the losingest franchise in sports the last 10 years.  If you can't develop everyday talent, how can you possibly manage superstars?

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