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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2013 NHL All Star Game Excitement Builds!!!

Oh my, I just can't wait for the 2013 NHL All Star game here in Columbus.  It's going to be such an epic time!  Ottawa was such a drag.  I mean, all the player parties and media parties were like 30 minutes from the arena.  So you'd go to a pre-game party, then have to drive to the Arena to watch the game, then drive 30 minutes back from Scotia Bank to the post-game parties.  It was not a centrally located event. The game was cool, but all the other stuff that went with it was located in a different city.  Bad news if you're a dog who snuck out of the house for a weekend.  I had to bum rides all over, I even ended up in Gatineau by mistake once.

It's going to be SOOOOO MUCH FUN here in Columbus.  Columbus is the best venue for hockey in all the NHL.  I don't care what the Canadiens Bichon Frise tells you, rue Crescent ain't got nothing on the Arena District.  I just heard that ALL the partying will be right next to the arena if you're lucky enough to get an invite.   Media, Event Staff, League officials, and players will be staying within walking distance of the arena.  It will be such a good time!!!  I can't wait.  In the mean time, to pass the dog days of summer, I'm trying on my grandpa's 2002 All Star Sweater to get ready for the event.  I look forward to seeing the boys in Union Blue pulling on a 2013 All-Star Jersey.  I can't wait!!  GO JACKETS!!

Blue Jacket Bulldog showing his love for the ASG, coming to Columbus in 2013.

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  1. Can we get video of CBJBD pulling on that sweater?