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Monday, May 7, 2012

Blue Jacket Bulldog - no Bull, just love.

So, like any successful non-blog hockey blog, I need co-contributors to round out a balanced diet.  Meet the one of the newest contributors:

Blue Jacket Bulldog

He is the ultimate CBJ superfan.  It's the offseason for the Blue Jackets, so he will be pretty quiet until the season starts.  Maybe a blog here or there.  He abolutely LOVES LOVES LOVES the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team and it's players.  I think he has a crush on a couple of the Pepsi Girls too.  He knows the power of his cuteness.  There is little else in this world that will make him as happy as seeing his beloved Columbus Blue Jackets win and play hard.  He can be followed on twitter at @CBJ_BULLDOG

Stoic.  Loyal.  And he goes absolutely berserk over the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Oh, and here is a candid shot of him when there are no Blue Jackets to be watched. 

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