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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Pictures of DKM Hockey

We are friends.  We talk hockey.  We have fun.  The past 10 months have been great for the podcast.  The show has been great, but we also try to interact on twitter the best we can.  We do what we can with silly pictures and goofy captions on the blog and twitter.  So here is a 'mailed in' post of some of our favorite pictures.  There are plenty more pictures, such as our CBJ Star Wars bit but these are special to us three...

This was our first fan pic.  Submitted by @Rockmanhalo before
we knew who he was...

We're not going to lie, this is HOT.
H - A - W - T 
Our first ever goofy pic.  Joe sets the bar
low with this one.

The Three of us from left to right:
Morgan, John, and Joe - courtesy of the CBJ.  And no,
we're not just some dudes with a couple of laptops.

Instead of hiding at table and never leaving the cool zone,
We have a banner so you know who we are.  As if the microphones
and mixing board didn't tip you off.

We drink....

We pass out...

...and we get CBJ tramp stamps

Tom from Dark Blue Jacket providing us with
the cover for our childrens book.

This is James Wisniewski's all time favorite pic.  EVER.

Our first ever stick figure picture

Our first Meme - this has Morgan's finger prints
all over it...

And our unoffical offical mascot, BOOMER!
You wear a DKM shirt and you wear it so well.  Well, maybe not
as well as Mallory wears hers...

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