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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kempy's Tweet of the Week! (#DKMTotW) - Week 001

I love twitter, you love twitter, we all love twitter. It's informative, it's a place to meet people that share the same interests as you.  It's also a place where great humor lives. We all carry a different sense of humor.  I'll admit my humor can be different at times.  For instance, the bear falling out of a tree on to a trampoline may be one of the funniest things I've ever seen next to the panda bear sneezing (what is it with me and bears?)

So when I scroll through my twitter timeline, I enjoy keeping up to date with all the latest Blue Jacket news.  One can only read about Matt Calvert's stomach so many times, so I look for the little gems that stand out. I currently follow 293 accounts (most of those are hockey related, a couple random ones here and there and then probably my sister, Hi Cortney).  Despite all that variety, I do tend to see the same information regurgitated multiple times.  Twitter becomes more fun when personality comes through the tweets.

So, without making this a big deal, DKM Hockey has encouraged me to pick one that stands out each week and post it here. This should be fun, let's get started...

DKM with their "subtle" hints to start the Tweet of the Week

Now if I would have started this in early October, my #DKMTotW would have gone to @DownGoesBrown's reference to the fire alarm that was going off in Edmonton on opening night.

Definitely would have been a winner in early Oct, but this account is hilarious and will be featured here many times

The one I actually chose for the tweet of the week has been removed from contention.  Apparently the @DKM_Hockey twitter feed is not eligible for this honorable distinction on the DKM Hockey blog.  Makes sense, sort of makes it seem like cheating is involved.  I get that.  So since it can't win, it will be an honorable mention, and I am still giggling over it. Why is this so funny to me?  Oh, right- immature and childish.  Or as DKM_Hockey calls it "the text boobs are a nice touch. Juvenile, racy, but not offensive."

And finally, now the moment you've all probably not really been waiting for but are here already so why not.... This week's #DKMTotW goes to:

Adam Proteau

I hope I didn't hype this up too much.  Sometimes it's the stupidest little jokes that catch my attention and make me laugh in a twitter timeline full a repetition.  You all remember the SiFi movie "Sharknado"?  While that whole thing has gotten old a while ago, it was gone just long enough for Adam to bring it back, and now it becomes your tweet of the week, enjoy...

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