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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Lady Bling Award - ballot by Lindsay Wilson

We are proud to present the second ballot for the 2014 Lady Bling Award presented by DKM Hockey. Our second voter is Lindsay Wilson of Union and Blue.  The Lady Bling Award is an annual award voted on by female bloggers. Each blogger is to vote for three players awarding each player with either a 3rd place, 2nd place, or 1st place vote. A third place vote is worth 5 points, second worth 7 points, and a first place vote is worth 10 points. We then tallied the votes and declared a winner based on the points system.

Those voting on the Lady Bling must evaluate each player based upon the following three criteria:

Statistical Relevance - the player exhibits exceptional ability that can be qualified by some sort of verifiable statistical analysis.

Tactile Intangibles - demonstrates hockey competency without the puck and whose unique individual personality defines the team.

The Quintessential Man - a player who carries themselves as a professional, gives back to the community, or looks hawt doing it.
Got it? Good.

Here is Linday's ballot:

Third Place (5pts)

Mark Letestu

Second Place (7 pts)

Nick Foligno.  Reason:  Hugs

First Place (10 pts)

James Wisniewski

Statistical Relevance: This gorgeous specimen led the team in assists and had the most points for a defenseman this season. His high number of assists is a direct result of his power shot from the point, which creates opportunities for rebounds and tip-ins.
Tactile Intangibles: Wiz is known to stand up for his teammates and he isn't afraid to get hurt while doing it. His in-person personality is also quite charming.
Quintessential Man: Have you seen his fashion sense? He's very well put together. His charity, Wiz Wear (insert link), donates all proceeds to the USO. He is someone I would like to be friends with. He could teach me how to golf any day of the week.
So here we have the update voting results.  Wiz and JMFJ are ties for first place with two ballots cast.  Who is our third ballot from?  Will they give us a credible ballot?  Who will be the winner? 
Lady Bling 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Jack Johnson 10     10
James Wisnieski 10     10
Ryan Johansen   7   7
Nick Foligno   7   7
Cam Atkinson     5 5
Mark Letestu     5 5

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