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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Lady Bling Award - ballot by Danielle Browne

We are proud to present the third and final ballot for the 2014 Lady Bling Award presented by DKM Hockey. Our second voter is Danielle Brown known colloquially as @frickindannie from Straight Jackets. The Lady Bling Award is an annual award voted on by female bloggers. Each blogger is to vote for three players awarding each player with either a 3rd place, 2nd place, or 1st place vote. A third place vote is worth 5 points, second worth 7 points, and a first place vote is worth 10 points. We then tallied the votes and declared a winner based on the points system.

Those voting on the Lady Bling must evaluate each player based upon the following three criteria:

Statistical Relevance - the player exhibits exceptional ability that can be qualified by some sort of verifiable statistical analysis.

Tactile Intangibles - demonstrates hockey competency without the puck and whose unique individual personality defines the team.

The Quintessential Man - a player who carries themselves as a professional, gives back to the community, or looks hawt doing it.
Got it? Good.

Here's Frickin Dannie's frickin ballot...


Third Place (5 points)

Statistical Relevance: This is his downfall. His numbers aren’t particularly impressive, but the numbers he does put up are huge (omgOTgwgfirsteverplayoffwinomgomgomg). (More about that here:

Tactile Intangibles: The intangibles are Matt Calvert’s jam. You just cannot measure his fearless energy (unless you’re some kind of physics nerd or something), but you can just feel it and it’s contagious. Plus that whole Rick Nash fiasco was awesome.

The Quintessential Man: I just really love Matt Calvert, okay? He’s everybody’s nerdy little brother. 



Second Place (7 points)

Statistical Relevance: It was tough not to give Joey the first place vote based on this – he takes the cake when it comes to the numbers side of things. He had an absolutely outstanding season and if all goes well, it was just the beginning of something wonderful.

Tactile Intangibles: He blew us all away this year with his performance, but he lags a bit in the intangibles. I’m pretty confident those will come in time – he’s just figuring out how to use his body to his advantage, and the rest will come as he grows up a little more.

The Quintessential Man: He’s pretty dreamy and his flow game is strong, but he hates cats according to his Single in the City article, and so he loses a few points on principal. Sorry, Joey, maybe next year.


First Place (10 points)

Statistical Relevance: He was second on the team in points. When I did some statistical geekery back in January, I drew out a season-long projection based on his past production and it turned out to be exactly  right – therefore, the guy is pretty consistent (even when frustrating to watch), and that goes a long way.

Tactile Intangibles: Let’s pretend that suspension thing never happened way back in the long-long-long ago Arniel Era. He’s a leader and has the right kind of attitude, which the CBJ have always needed. He’s also a perfect complement to the up & coming Ryan Murray, and the effect on him is immeasurable.

The Quintessential Man: Have you ever seen this guy in a suit? He has mad swagger. He also reaches out to the fans on Twitter, and trots out his Wizwear line in his efforts to raise money for the USO. All-around good guy (#MERICA).
So there you have it folks!  After the ballots are counted and receiving 2/3rds of the 1st place votes the winner is James Wiesniewski!  An award presentation is soon to follow, but let's take a moment to Congratulate James Wisniewski as the winner of the first annual Lady Bling Award presented by DKM Hockey!
Lady Bling 1st 2nd 3rd Total
James Wisnieski 20     20
Ryan Johansen   14   14
Jack Johnson 10     10
Nick Foligno   7   7
Matt Calvert     5 5
Cam Atkinson     5 5
Mark Letestu     5 5


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