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Thursday, November 28, 2013

To Catch A Predator

That's an amazing title considering the 4-0 drubbing the Blue Jackets endured at Nationwide Arena last night. It also may be the best part about this blog post. You see, due to Thanksgiving traveling, I didn't even watch the game. I was in a hotel just North if Chicago, and due to the lovely technology that my iPad, WiFi and a Sling Box bring, I DID have the capability to watch the game from my DVR.  Here's how it went though.  We got in really late, I was pretty tired, and before I muster the energy to get all that set up, I wanted to make sure the players were planning to muster energy against the Preds. You know how this story ends.

I decided to take my twitter time line back to 7pm Eastern and "watch" the game 'twitter style'. I've done this before, and it's actually quite fun. I follow over 200 dedicated Blue Jackets fans and media, so it's a fun and emotional mix of how the game is going. I wanted to get a sense for which of the bipolar Jackets were going to show up. I quickly learned that it was more "EDM" and less "TOR". I guess I should thank them for saving me 2.5 hrs last night and me being even more tired this morning...

Since I did get a really good night of sleep, I woke up this morning with a fresh mind ready to come up with catchy blog post titles. I came up with "To Catch A Predator", and here we are. No game recap, no insight to anything really. Just a cool title and a rather lame blog post. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

According to my BiPolar Jackets schedule, we are due to blow out Edmonton 5-0 tomorrow night. Can't wait!

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