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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Six Degrees of Vinny Prospal #SDVP

I can't explain why this hasn't already been a "thing", but you can at least feel happy now that it's out there and we can all enjoy it. This idea came to me yesterday, and I spent the entire day coming up with players to try and link to Vinny within 6 teammates. I couldn't wait to share it with others as I just don't think enough people are talking about Vinny Prospal these days...

To start with, I hope the title is enough of an explanation for how to play.  If you need a little refresher, here is the wikipedia page for the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". Instead of co-stars in movies we use teammates on a team. This works especially well for Vinny Prospal considering he came into the NHL in 1996 and has played for the Flyers, Senators, Panthers, Lightning, Ducks, Rangers and Blue Jackets. Are we all on the same page? Good, now let's play!

If you feel like challenging others via twitter, use the hashtag "#SDVP". One of the first challenges I gave for myself yesterday was Mike Modano.  In somewhat of a surprise, my Prospal Number was 3.  It went like this:

1) In 2010, Mike Modano played for the Stars with Brad Richards
2) In 2012, Brad Richards played for the Rangers with Rick Nash
3) In 2011, Rick Nash played for the Blue Jackets with VINNY PROSPAL

Can anyone do it in 2?

Okay, now for my challenge.  What is the lowest amount of players you can link Vinny to Phil Kessel?
Use the comments of this post, or tweet it out with the tag "#SDVP".


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