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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DKM Podcast Song Parodies

If you are a fan of this Blog and the DKM Podcast, you will have noticed that on occasion we like to perform some parody songs.  It all started during Episode 7 with "Fake Plastic Blue Jackets", a parody of the Radiohead classic "Fake Plastic Trees".  Morgan wrote the lyrics and sang while Joe played guitar and John- well, John held the mic by the guitar.

During Episode 13, the boys were back at it again, this time performing a parody of Iron & Wine's "Bird Stealing Bread".  This time we pay tribute to RJ Umberger in the song "Tell Me Umby".  Morgan wrote the lyrics, Joe played guitar and sang, and John decided to put this terrific song on you tube along with some Umby pictures to match.

I hope you enjoy it!  Click the link below to view in You Tube.  Also subscribe to our channel as much more great content will be coming soon.  As discussed during Episode 15, we have plenty more parody ideas including "MMMBob" to the tune of "MMMBop"...

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