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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DKM Hockey Podcast: Episode 6

The boys bring you four glorious segments in Episode 6: 

1. They open with some big news, Scott Howson is relieved of duties.

2. At 12:00 of the show we bring you another episode of Being John Kempovich - it's pretty much our best segment ever. 

3. At 29:45 we review some of the more notable trades of the Howson tenure in "Grade the Trade" and we learn that John lies to his children. 

4. At 54:30 we review the week that was and the road trip that will be.  If you're fan enough to listen to the entire show, take a drink every time someone says the name "Steve" and then call for a cab ride home.

Here is a cliop of the Anaheim Duck's mascot's infamous wipe out that brings Morgan to tears.  It was from the 1995 home opener.  We're getting old.


Here is the link to the "I am better than you kids" post that we elude to on the show.  It's a little vulgar.  I don't know if this the original author as this was an email favorite over a decade ago...

Steve Wisniewsky lays on the ice...

Check out this episode!

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