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Friday, February 22, 2013

CBJ Fan Satisfaction Survey: February 21, 2013

Blue Jackets 3, Red Wings 2

Completed By: Joe Reader (@osujoe)

Instructions: Respond to each question using a 1-5 scale, where "1" is most negative and "5" is most positive. Scale point labels are not assigned ahead of time, but it is strongly encouraged they be provided based on the respondent's mood and sense of humor. Additional comments are welcome to provide context to your answers.

1. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Blue Jackets' game against DETROIT?

Response: 4  = "A 15th place team can't get a '5' from me"

Comments: Any win against Detroit is a good win in my book, given that I loathe everything about that state up north. With "Detoilet" being a division rival and historical hockey powerhouse, our performance against them is always something of a litmus test for our overall standing as a franchise. This one was a much-needed road victory, considering the Jackets had lost six in a row away from Nationwide Arena (including their last three games out west). In fact, this represented only the Blue Jackets' second road victory of the season, with the first coming via an opening night shootout in Nashville. This game had some ups (RJ Umberger's power play goal, some fantastic saves by Bobrovsky) and some downs (two goals in the first 2:40, Artem Anisimov being carted out on a strecher); and ultimately Vinny Prospal delivered the exciting finish: a gorgeous spinning backhand goal with 25 seconds remaining.

2. Considering your expectations going into the Blue Jackets' game against DETROIT, how satisfied are you with the outcome?

Response: 3 = "You play to win the game" (with apologies to Herm Edwards)

Comments: Given how atrocious the Blue Jackets have been at times this season, it's reasonable to think that maybe I should temper my expectations; but yesterday's game was looking pretty winnable before the teams took the ice. The "mighty" Red Wings were riding a four-game losing streak of their own, and have a power play that you could describe as "Jackets bad." According to, they're now third-worst in the league with a 12.8% power play percentage, and are sitting just above Columbus at fourth place in the Central Division. This quite simply isn't as good of a Detroit team as what we've seen in the past.

3. Based on the Blue Jackets' game against DETROIT, how excited are you to watch more Blue Jacket hockey games in the future?

Response: 3 = "Can we perhaps skip the opening few minutes?"

Comments: The CBJ have two more Central Division road games this weekend, and against better competition than they saw yesterday. They will play Saturday in St. Louis, and then again Sunday in Chicago. The Blues have cooled-off since their hot 6-1 start (including a 4-1 thumping of Columbus), but still find themselves in fifth place overall in the Western Conference. Chicago shot out of the gates like a bat out of Hades, and hasn't looked back since....they have an NHL record-tying 16 wins and no regulation losses at this point, and have a chance to hold that record alone by the time the Jackets arrive in the Windy City. Even more impressive, the Hawks have done that with 10 of their first 12 games on the road. The last time the Jackets played on consecutive nights -- last Friday and Saturday vs. the Kings and Coyotes -- Coach Todd Richards mentioned that he was having a hard time finding guys with wind left at the end of game two. Unless there have been some monumental strides in conditioning and in playing full 60-minute hockey games, I expect we'll be welcoming home a team that has slid even further into the Western Conference basement.

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