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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Lady Bling Award presented by DKM Hockey #CBJ

The annual NHL Awards.  In an era of advancing our ideology and casting aside stereotypes, hockey fans today cling to awards named for a bunch of dudes who walked the earth decades ago.  In keeping up with trends, the NHL modernizes an award every now and then - like renaming the Lester B. Pearson Award to the Ted Lindsay Award.  I guess bloggers below the Mason Dixon line were confused as to why an NHL award was named after an airport in Toronto.  People who have no clue can “google” Ted Lindsay with the search results yielding much less confusion.  We here at DKM Hockey are looking to bring the NHL awards into the 21st century.  As our first foray into this endeavor, we present the hockey world with the first annual Lady Bling Award.

Hockey blogging has advanced considerably over the past 10 years.  We are even to a point were some NHL teams actually have documented relationships with zany local bloggers through social media.  More and more NHL teams are shaking off the sensibilities of the 1950’s and seeing that bloggers actually offer insightful and provoking  thoughts without attending the propaganda establishment of journalism schools. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that one day we’ll be held in the same regard as journalists who have to sell advertising space for a living.

One of the most intriguing parts of the blogging evolution is how active women are in the hockey blogosphere.  It’s not just un-athletic, comic book movie-obsessed guys who are blogging about hockey.  Women have broken the bonds of the social media nerd subculture stigma and are on equal, yet way more stylish, footing with their socially- awkward male counterparts.  Ancient scholars maintain that life in general cannot be lived to its fullest without a woman’s equally informed, yet genuinely unique, perspective.  We tend to agree and for that reason we give you the first annual Lady Bling Award presented by DKM Hockey.

We reached out to bloggers in the CBJ social media family asking who would like to vote on the Lady Bling Award.  We targeted bloggers who are gender classified as women.  Three very unique writers voiced interest in voting on the award and we are delighted that they did.  The award embodies what we at DKM Hockey try to accomplish with everything we do around here: honesty, genuine hockey insight, and having fun while doing it.  And by ‘doing it’ we mean blogging and podcasting, not the slang version of “doing it.”  We are grateful to those who voted on the award and their individual personalities represented the different voices of the CBJ fan base very well.

What is the Lady Bling Award?  How does the voting work?  Who are these female #CBJ bloggers?  When does this all take place?  Why the hell are you doing this (we just told you)?  Like all good informative writers, we will give you the “Who, what, when, where, and why” during the Stanley Cup Finals.  Before for Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals, we will unveil the voting requirements and purpose of this Award.  Then, before each of the next three Stanley Cup Final games, we will post each blogger’s ballot.  The totals will be culminated in the final post and a winner will be crowned.   

Stay tuned for more about the 2013-2014 Lady Bling Award presented by DKM Hockey.    

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