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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DKM Hockey Podcast: Artillery Fest Edition

Morgan makes the trip to the first CBJ Artillery Fest at the Pig Skin in Athen, OH on the Ohio University Campus.  Girls half his age abound in this matinee showdown vs the NY Islanders.  This show is a testatment to the power of promoting an event solely through social media!  In the first segment Morgan is joined by Matt and Jordan of THE CBJ Artillery as well as Tony from OU's hockey student supporter The Gang Green.  Tony tells his perspective on OU's hockey program and Rick Nash's shenanigans.  In the second segment, TJ from CBJ Nation, CBJ Ice crew member Danielle Podlowski, and meterology extraordinairre Ted join the show to talk all things 1994.  And in the final segment Jordan helps Morgan close out a stinker of a game vs the New York Islanders as we welcome the Boys from Hockey BS to the podcaset.  PS, you can order a Burger, two pitchers of beers, tip $10 and only spend $26 dollars at the Pigskin.  Gosh we miss college bars.

Check out this episode!

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