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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Holy Crap, the Kings / TRH gave us some love

Well, since we got mentioned in a pre-game by the Los Angeles Kings, we figured we’d tell all the new hits to the site about us.   Here is a quick fact sheet about DKM Hockey. 

-          DKM stands for Distinct Kicking Motion.  We have a CBJ centric podcast, a twitter account were were display our Ph D in snark, and a blog  - which is pretty much an after thought.

-          DKM is made up of Morgan Langworthy, John Kemp, and Joe Reader.

-          The DKM twitter accounts tweets as an anarcho-syndicalist commune

-          The DKM crew loves to drink.  Assume varying degrees of sobriety while listening to the podcast or reading a tweet.
-     If DKM was one-tenth as good and The Royal Half, they'd have twice as many twitter followers as they do now.  Algebra - USE IT.

-          The DKM crew’s friendship pre-dates social media and the Atlanta Thrashers.  They’ve been friends since the mid-90’s

-          The DKM crew prefers brunettes, but has never told a blonde “no.”
-       We don't know a damn thing about comic book characters, video games, or pop music.  We'd be total tool bags in the LA Club scene.  We're more of the Malibu Mafia types anyways.

-          The DKM crew takes neither itself or the Columbus Blue Jackets too seriously.

-          The words, “Lumbus” “No Playoff wins” and “Couldn’t win a cup final with Gretzky” don’t bother us.

-          The first-hand stories we have heard about Jeff Carter while he was in Columbus would make Mike Richards sign a pre-nup.

-          No one has a higher set of Expectation for the CBJ than Morgan.  No one.

-          John Kemp has a crush on Ryan Murray.  Like, a real crush.

-          DKM knows that while Al Iafrate was popular for rocking the do-rag, Hkelly Hrudy wore one too.

-          Joe Reader has a #CBJ tramp stamp.

-          We secretly understand that in order to win a Stanley Cup, the Blue Jackets must trade Jack Johnson.  See – Carolina Hurricanes and Los Angeles Kings.

-          Contrary to popular belief, we try REALLY hard with our stick figure drawings.

-          Between the three of us, our families are comprised of:  2 wives,  2 ex-wives, one fiancée, 6 children, one bun in the oven,  and a baby’s momma.  That's all within the last 10 years.

-          Like most LA Kings fans, Joe Reader has no clue who Dave Taylor is – and no, he is not related to the ‘Tool Man.’

-          Morgan Langworthy has had more ultrasounds than Octo-mom.

-          DKM is the best CBJ-centric Podcast in the world.  Period.


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