DKM Hockey Podcast

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hockey Haiku Tuesday

The long forgotten DKM favorite returns just in time for election season here in the US.

Lockout coming soon
Owners have learned nothing new
Players make too much

As clever as we may seem to be, we at DKM would never make a comparison to the Toronto Maple Leafs being the NHL's "One Percenters."  How dare we assume that since they make so much money that they should share it with the less fortunate teams in the league.  It's also worth noting while those in the hockey world poke fun at the Blue Jacket's naming origins, ask a Leaf's fan why it's not spelled "Leaves."  Clearly, obscure military references aren't singular to the Blue Jackets.

Someone in Washington hopes you don't understand corporate tax, capital gains, and the current NHL revenue sharing program.


  1. Players make too much
    Owners are idiotic
    Fans take the beating

    or// Bettman is an ass

  2. What's rotten in the
    State of Denmark, the bard asks?
    Another lockout.