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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sum of the Parts

Rick Nash has been traded.  The all time everything for the Columbus Blue Jackets will now be taking powerplay feeds from Brad Richards instead of digging hospital passes from (insert joke here) out of his skates.  I still find it it disappointing that Doug MacLean did more to try and find Geoff Sanderson a center than Howson ever did for Nash.  There, I said it.  Am I calling Howson a bad GM?  Dunno, but after Carter washed out and Arneil was canned, Nash had every right to ask to be traded.  10 years is enough.


The Saga.  More like the Horror.  I find it completely unprofessional that while Howson had no problem at the deadline letting everyone know that Nash asked for a trade, that he was virtually tight lipped about everything else regarding the trade since.  It makes it easy to say good-bye when you demonize someone.  You can tell us he wanted out, but can't tell us anything else?  This was all handled poorly.

This was funny when it was just a joke...

If you've read anything else I've written, I hold all NHL athletes in the highest regard.  You're a hell of a hockey player to even get a cup of coffee in the NHL.  This isn't the 80's any more.  But let's look at the reported trade:

Brandon Dubinsky - a guy who had to rediscover his scoring touch at the tender age of 23.  I didn't write the articles, the New York Post did.  I think Dubinsky will quickly become a fan favorite.  Not for his stellar Jacob Voracek like numbers (look them up), but for his emotion on the ice.  It's been a while since the Jackets had anyone who regularly took bad penalties, so this will be a breath of fresh air.  But, Dubinsky's point output should be similar to that of Jack Johnson, the defenceman.

Artem Anisimov - Another long list of acquired 2nd or 3rd line centers for the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Not sure why the CBJ would have picked up another center 'OK' 2nd or 3rd line center.  Unless... unless they plan to dump Brassard.  Because really, you want your number 6 forward to have at least 40 points, something Anisimov has done once.  But hey, passing to Derek Dorrest for 82 games gets you 55 points easily.

Tim Erixson - he refused to play in Calgary, so I'm sure Columbus is right up his alley.  Wisniewski and a first to Edmonton for Nugent-Hopkins anyone?  Remember Columbus, we don't like guys who are tired of losing in Columbus and want out, remember.  It's ok if they come here because of the Malls, Public Schools, and Country Clubs.  Erixson = too good for Calgary, just right for Columbus?

1st round pick - see "Columbus Blue Jackets Draft Success" then see "Nash Traded to New York Rangers."

What every pee wee says, "I'd like to spend my entire career with the worst team in pro sports!"

I have always said a trade for Nash couldn't be a 'sum of the parts' trade.  By that I mean, you can't replace a 30-40 goal a year guy with a couple of Jacob Voracek's and expect to remain competitive.  If this were true, a team of 12 Jason Chimeras would beat the 1991 Penguins every time.  There is the slimmest of chances that the no pressue atmosphere of playing for the Columbus Who Jackets will perk those guys up.  I'm having a hard time finding guys who's production went up as a result of playing here, exception to RJ Umberger.  Two second line centers, and also ran young defenseman, and a 20-something first rounder for Rick Nash.  Say it out loud.  Say it again.  Now are you glad he's gone?
Did I mention that Rick Nash goes to the New York Rangers with a minimalized set of expectations?  Who did the Rangers give up to get Nash.  Dubinsky?  I've sure there's the 2% on twitter saying to themselves how can you trade Dubinsky for Nash?  Quiet easily and any day of the week.  The NHL is full of 40 point a year centers, just as the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Yes, Nash comes with an exceedingly high cap hit and that in itself carries a lot of weight.  Richards, Gaborik, and Nash on a powerplay?  Those expectations just got a little easier to handle.  What, that doesn't sound as good as Nash, Umberger, and Prospal?

So, this leaves the reasonable Columbus Blue Jackets fan with some sobering thoughts.  Nash is gone. You're left with Nick Foligno, Brandon Dubinsky, and Artem Anisimov.  Who is the face of your franchise now?  Who's jersey number will every 8 year-old argue over at the first hockey practice of the year.  When you're at an airport in Boston, people aren't going to be able to name one player on your team.  Will there even be a #CBJ player on an All Star team hosted IN YOUR CITY?  But remember Blue Jackets fans, theirs been more passion over Rick Nash wanting out than there has been passion over the Blue Jackets being the most losingest franchise in major pro sports since 2000.  The new era begins today and it starts without one of the most consistent goal scorers in the game today.  Again, I could be wrong as sometimes I am - Dubinsky and Foligno hook up for 100 pts and Bobrovsky is a Venzina finalist; playing in Columbus was the one thing it took to make it all happen.  Join the Battle.
PS - spell check had a hard time with "Losingest."

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  1. PSS - spell check can't help you with distinguishing between "there" and "their" either.

    PSSS - good post, agree with most of it. If GMSH stands pat with this roster, then CBJ fans are going to be rooting for "expansion team v2.0" for a few more years. Or at least until those 3 1st Round picks in the "talent laden" 2013 draft bear some fruit - so, 2018 is our year.