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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Back...

I'm Back....

Sorry I had to make like Lyle Odelein and dissappear without a trace for over a week.  Spring break, a hectic work week, my son's renewed interest in legos now that hockey is over, and tearing down your backyard ice rink will do that.

I was also tracking down some hockey Hall of Famers to give me some free stuff to give-a-way on my blog.  Apparently, no one takes you seriously in the blogosphere if you don't have access (or pretend to have access) to sports teams or players.  Anyways...

Poll Results

I was hoping to get more response to polls seeing as I get 52 page views a day.  I'll come up with some crazy polls.  Only one vote for Ron Tugnutt in last week's poll.

I'm finishing up a post on toughness in hockey, the lack of toughness in beer league players, and learning how to be tough in minor (youth) hockey.

You can't resist us Mr. Odelein.

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